Love at first sight!


Lets start up my blog with the best thing that could have ever happened to me. A Kindle! Who could ask for more I say! It was love at first sight! I cant stop touching it! Its beautiful!

So Ive managed to stuff over 700 books in it already. A lot of people say that it is very difficult to read anything which is not on paper; but after holding this in my hand, I think I disagree. It is extremely light-weight and uses e-ink paperwhite technology which makes the display look as if you are reading on actual paper which in turn doesn’t strain my eyes. I have no trouble holding it in my hand when reading in bed and since I can change the size of the font, it allows for a much easier reading. I love a large type-face in a book. It is something that I actually consider when buying a book so this really is an added quality.

It is true that being able to hold a beautiful edition of a good book with an amazing cover is an entirely different feeling as compared to reading on a kindle; but it helps when you are looking for rare books that you cannot find at bookstores and that you need to read like TONIGHT. Plus with the ease of downloading books online, it just gets easier and easier. Of course that doesnt stop me from buying books from Sunday Bazaar every week 😀

The new software update for Kindle Keyboard allows for comics to be read on the Kindle as well; but for those who wish to buy this machine just for the sake of reading comics, I suggest you go for an iPad or some other gadget instead because it is pretty difficult to navigate through comics that require some zooming in and zooming out for the text to be read. Oh and it doesn’t support .epub’s so you will have to convert them to .mobi’s for those of you who own other gadgets. But that isnt a big deal really. You can do that for free online or download an app like Calibre to organise you library and covert files.

So here’s to love at first sight! ❤

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