Too much Rose

Rose Labyrinth

The Rose Labyrinth

Genre: Confused


Honestly, I fell for the cover. Just look at it! An ARTIST made it! Its beautiful! The content however, is crap.

So the first 30 pages of the book were scattered. I couldn’t really get a grip on the story as it flittered through different eras and times, looking into different peoples lives. I believe the characters weren’t really developed. And it was entirely too descriptive of every little thing, every atmosphere of every setting.

30-40 ages through the book, one of the main characters (you would think) really throws you for a spinner and DIES. LOL. I thought it was a pleasant surprise. It intrigued and I kept on wanting to read more. So I read on. The book did keep me engrossed for the next one third. But after that it took another nose-dive and I found myself skipping pages and then entire chapters to get to the gist of it. The plot was pretty loose.

The ending was disappointing. Another one of those books that are classified as intellectual literature but really mean that no one will get it because the plot is incredibly complex.

One good thing I did learn from this book was the concept of cellular memory. It makes me want to do some research into it. Lets see where it goes. Other than that the ending was beyond lame, the suspense wasn’t suspense enough and the thrill fell flat on its face. It was like a burst balloon. Its attempt to reconcile or cause conflict ( I couldn’t make out which) was pathetic. It only ended up making no sense.

The historical character the book is supposed to be base on forme was not only unworthy but insignificant and incapable of holding my interest. God I hope to God I take into consideration the reviews I see on goodreads before reading a book.

So. Another pretty faced empty piece of fluff of a book.

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