How do I explain what I’m thinking. I don’t have the kind of control, the kind of command over language that requires being able to translate your thoughts onto paper. At least not as well as most people do.

I started this blog as a place where I could talk about what I thought
about the books I read. And somehow somewhere maybe my mind and my thoughts would seep into the words I used.

I don’t think it works though. The blog doesn’t talk back. There is no discussion. There is no understanding. Just ramblings of a mind not at peace. I guess I don’t have much to complain about. I live a better and more fulfilling life than most of the people on the planet. And I don’t even want to complain. Just talk. Listen and discuss.

I loose the thread of my thoughts sometimes. I don’t even remember what I want to say. There is so much inside that its so difficult to put it out there with just the typing of a couple of fingers. I hope someday I have the capacity and the patience to someday translate exactly what I’m thinking onto paper.

Maybe its because I need someone to talk to. Just converse.

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