Area 51 – sci-fi level: mind blown


So I’m guessing by now everyone is aware that I am a sci-fi buff. I’ve been reading sci-fi for a very long time, its just that I never really realized that I was reading sci-fi. I always classified this genre incorrectly. Unless it ha spaceships and aliens, it wasnt sci-fi and I didn’t consider myself a fan. Well. Newsflash!!

This book pushed the limits of my imagination.

This is one of my first and most favorite sci-fi books of all time. It combines history, fiction, mystery, thrill, conspiracy, and all the other sciency wibbley wobbley stuff that fires up my brain. Love at first sight.

What was amazing about this book is how the author; Robert Doherty has managed to stitch the story in such an intricate way so that he has a solution and an explanation (and a very very plausible one at that) for every bit of confounding myth or mystery surrounding the historical monuments of the ancient world that are shrouded in enigma. It was brilliantly written and left no loose ends. It was so absorbing that I finished this book and each one of its sequels within two days and was left craving for more. Brilliant. There is just no other word for it.

Concepts to do with real world since, mixed with myth and alien technology. Aaaah. I loved every minute of it.

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