Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend – a sweet memory


Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend

Genre: Fantasy Kids book

So this book can be concisely described as being SWEET. Its a definite young-adult/kiddy book, and yet I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of some hope. It lends courage to anyone who reads it. But who needs more courage to face the world today more than all children & adults these days huh? It rallies the hearts of grown-ups and encourages those who have lost all hope. It seeps morals into children born in a world almost devoid of it. Just based on the essence of this, I would recommend this book to anyone in need of an uplifting of the spirit. Young or old alike; it is a must-read.

So I picked up this book at my monthly rendezvous at the book store. I spend houuuurs in one looking for a book different from any other (my friends hate me; I’ve decided to go without them on my next visit. I’m tired of the insistent whining to deciiiiiide and leeeeeave). The blurb sold me. Also the cover. They’re beauuuutiful. Who wouldn’t be intrigued reading the title and then the blurb!? Anyone inhuman I say!

This story is about the life of an imaginary friend called Budo. Its different and special because Budo narrates the story himself and because Budo is a special kind of imaginary friend. You see Budo is an imaginary friend to an autistic kid called Max; a reason why he’s managed to stay alive more than other imaginary friends. What an interesting concept yes!? Had it not been for the twist though, it wouldave gotten old real quick. What happens after this, is where the story of real courage begins. For those who haven’t read this book, stop reading further and go grab your copy. This is a book worth reading.

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