Special Occasion Speech Part 2

Ok so no more bullshit. I’ve got to get my shit together now. I’m just really enjoying the slow sad music on my iPod right now. Ok ok ok back to work. Yeah! Special occasion. Wait I need coffee. BRB. Ok here goes: An Eulogy for a non-existent grandfather:

“A limb has fallen from the family tree that says grieve not for me remember the best times, the laughter, the song the good life I lived while I was strong.”

We have gathered here today to mourn the passing of my grandfather, Albert Schmidtt (I cant think of a better name atm). Even in death, he wouldn’t want us to focus on his passing but on the memories he has left us with and the way he has impacted our lives and those of others. (I need to fix this but laters).

My grandfather was like the tree of life. He impacted everyones life, who came into contact with him. He was a support-system for some; to some he was a presence they drew strength from, for others he was someone to lean on; and yet others gained from his wisdom.

As a child, his role in my life changed over time. I remember him protecting and sheltering me from my parents wrath when I broke things as a child. I remember his strength as he carried me on his shoulder down the streets so I wouldn’t have to walk. I remember his wisdom that allowed me to get over obstacles in my life with ease, tactfully telling me stories and experiences in his life and teaching me how to deal with my problems as an adult.

For my father, he was always a pillar of strength. The one person my father went to for advice. He loved being a father as much as he loved being a grandparent. On this note, I will end this speech by telling you the one thing my grandfather always said to be whenever I was upset:

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? – Percy Bysshe Shelley

So what do you guys think? Good enough of an eulogy for a grandfather who doesn’t exist? Dog tax attached.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

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