Life is like taking a poop

Life is like taking a shit. It really is.

Most of the time it’s easy. Just like life in the toilet. And sometimes it gets tough as you get constipated. I get a lot of shit from my life. Parents, teachers, friends. I take it from most of them quietly. Why lie about me being confrontational and all. Yes I take it sitting down. I’m a problem solver. I prefer to solve my problems rather than make a huge fuss.

Other than that, I make myself feel better by talking a whole lot of shit about people who give me grief. But most of the time I take it. Because I know. You see. You can’t fight life. You can’t fight God.

So you see? When things get tough life is really like being constipated. The grief will pass. It always does. Everything just passes. You gotta wait it out. That’s the only option and enjoy your life and make sure you don’t make mistakes that get you constipated in the first place. And get it over with quickly. Just the way you should when you get constipated. It’s of no use extending the misery you’re already in. Face your fears and your pain. Soon it will be a distant memory.

Other than that. Just don’t waste your brain cells fighting. Put them to good use and solve the problem. Then sit back and relax. Read a few books. Move on.

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