Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy

I found this beautiful copy of the Foundation Trilogy by Asimov when I was visiting the Barnes&Noble store in Milwaukee. I consider myself very lucky, this being one of my all-time favorite book series. I think I’m going to take the time to re-read these. Starting with the Robot series and then Prelude to Foundation. Reading all of Asimov’s books that are set in the same universe just leaves you in awe of his brilliance.

Jurassic World!

I grew up watching the first three movies and I’ve waited for a hell of a long time for the new one and guess what?! I loved every minute of it. Oh man the raptors

That woman though. Running around in heels in a jungle!? How did you even survive!? Even if Indominous Rex didn’t kill you, the pain of running in those heels should have!

Secondly, the movie really made me think you know. All these movies which are centered around men being heroes portray the hero as this rugged, motorcycle-loving, earthy macho man. None of these movies seem to have a man who actually looks like a nerd or is portrayed as one. Its all brawn over brain. Honestly. I mean why does the man always have to be this muscular guy who seems so inconspicuous until the shit hits the fan?

Secondly, in real life, a girl like that never even gave a second glance towards Pratt until, well, the calamity as dinosaurs literally wreaked havoc on the island. Why do women only seem to fall for the guy in such high-adrenaline do-or-die situations? Why can’t she develop feelings him earlier? And do you think it’ll last? I mean once the dinosaur situation subsides, he turns back into the loser she saw him as. So do her feelings last or does the heroic image she had of the guy fade? Or does she crave a situation as drastic as the dinosaur one to revive whatever feelings she has towards him? And it’s not just the woman. Even the kids latched onto him. Would they have cared had the situation been normal? Nope. He’d be the regular joe. No one would give a crap unless the dinosaurs were loose and destroying everything and eating everyone. Then everyyyyyone would want to be with him. I feel sorry for men in these movies. They deserve better. They deserve women who care about them BEFORE disaster strikes.

Honestly. It’s so primitive of us. But it’s true. We only look at people when we think they’re going to be useful to us in some way. My thoughts are all over the place right now. Someday I’ll sort them out.



I don’t understand why people can’t write books anymore that are not part of a trilogy. I mean. Seriously. What happened to proper stand-alone novels. I mean what is it with trilogies and series!? Can’t you just write one whole story in one book rather than extending it into a couple just so you can drive people to read them? It really makes me mad. I mean its ok if you want to use the same characters but at least make the story standalone and not a continuation! It drives me nuts!

I’m so tired of having to buy 7 books and having to my research on what to read first and what to read next. It really waters down the content in the books and that really makes me angry. I want these books I read to have as much quality content as a person can fit between two book covers. Why is this so hard these days!? What are they teaching these people in college!?

Brilliance – not so brilliant

So I just finished another supposed sci-fi. Brilliance by Marcus Sakey. I’d honestly give it 3 of 5 stars and that too only because of the premise and the promising beginning. However, overall the book was just disappointing. The premise was that there is now a police force that polices a bunch of X-men-ish brilliant people with super-genius savant syndromes without the anti-social tendencies. (yeah right! I wish)

So anyways, the story starts of with this badass agency man (who is a brilliant himself) who hunts other brilliants who have totally wronged humanity in some way. Seriously at this point I would like to add that we human beings are a total bunch of assholes who stick their heads in the dirt to avoid the future. Case and point: this book, x-men and any other super-hero book in the world. Anyways. Like a bunch of dirtbags, we capture kids who are brilliants and put them into shitty academies. Basically it was like the Holocaust and how the jews were put into the concentration camps. I was definitely feeling it. Life became specially unfair when one “terrorist” brilliant decided to go ahead and kill like a bunch of people.


Now I’ve noticed this in a lot of TV shows and books recently and I’ve realized that the root of the drastic measures the government usually takes against individuals or organization is usually when something this severe happens (a bunch of people getting killed by a lunatic). It makes logical sense to the reader until it is usually discovered later on that the lunatic wasn’t the lunatic behind the rampage in the first place but the government itself. I’m guessing the author is American. So is House of Cards. Really makes you think what these writers are thinking and what is this whole new genre of literature telling us? I mean I’ve heard of conspiracy theories but this is just out-of-control.. A whole lot of pop culture is now rooted in government conspiracies and the bad kind. Now if the politicians in this world are so messed up, honestly, how can you as a public let your opinion change believing the bullshit that is being peddled by the media!? I mean this is a serious question that has nothing to do with the book but it honestly made me question the world. Honestly, if that was the aim of the book; to drive you not to believe a word the government tells you about the enemies of the state then what the hell are you supposed to do and what is expected of you? Everything is a lie. I come back to my life’s motto. Live your life, the best that you can, without causing harm to any other by just being selfish.

Maybe I’m just too pissed off at the world right now. After all, I am reading Marvel’s Civil War side-by-side. Governments are pissing me off recently.

Another thing I don’t understand is how this macho bad-ass hero protagonist turned into a soppy teenager and ran off into the forest crying when he found out that he had been out-maneuvered by a brilliant chess grandmaster-turned-activist-labelled-terrorist. I mean what did you expect? He was a brilliant whose gift was supposedly strategy. And how can this big ass macho man be turned into a whimpering-tantrum throwing clown who proceeded to have sex in the wild with the woman who was THE pawn that totally played you throughout the game. I mean. I don’t know. I’m guessing the author either got bored with the book and wanted to finish it or the editors of the book told him he needed to heat things up and allow this character to have some personality. Wrong path to take. It did not lend the character any depth whatsoever.

Gahh! Read this book for the questions it makes you ask, not the story. That is my only piece of advice.

The Martian

I finally got to read this book and trust me when I tell you that I finished reading this book in one night. I literally stayed up all night and finished reading this book and did not sleep or drink or eat until I was done. I didn’t put this book down.

I rarely come across books that are made to make people laugh. Even if there are books out there that are supposed to make them laugh, most just fall flat and seem the farthest thing from funny. This book though, was funny. Downright hilarious if you ask me. Coupled with the fact that it’s science fiction, it’s no wonder it has made it to my list of favorite books 10 pages in.

At first, like most people, I was skeptical of the Goodreads Award it won in 2014 for the Best Science-Fiction of the year. I don’t trust awards. Most people vote for one book because they haven’t read the others. But I saw it in Target one day and decided to buy it anyway and see what all the hooplah was all about. I bought it and left it on my book stand and studied my ass off and slowly got around to finishing Asimov’s Foundation and Earth, the final book in the Foundation series. After I was done with it, I decided to slowly go through this book while I worked on my math. I never got around to doing my math that day.


I was in a daze. The book blew my mind. Just attempting to put away the book for a bit, to work on math sent me into a state of intense cognitive dissonance. I HAD TO FINISH IT THEN AND THERE. It does NOT disappoint. Andy Weir’s debut novel and its the best shit I’ve read..well since Asimov and Clarke. (I just googled him btw, apparently he grew up reading those legends too. Also he is a Sherlock and Doctor Who fan…I’m falling in love with this man!).

I try and pick up science fiction novels these days but all of them are just young-adult wannabe-science-fiction crap and I am starting to hate what science-fiction has turned into. This books is so refreshing. It was pure science and pure fiction. No love stories. No young adults of any kinds for miles. Just science. And science kicketh the butteth of all the young-adult science fiction out there. IN YOUR FACE YOUNG ADULT AUTHORS! There is still decent science-fiction out there! Faith in science-fiction restored!

So go ahead and read this book! I KNOW you will love it. If you read it and you think you don’t like it half as much as I do, you don’t deserve a spot on this planet. Or on any other. You don’t deserve to share the same galaxy as I do. Go. Read. NOW! YES! YOU!

Me and my unhealthy obsession with The Merc With The Mouth

Ever been smitten, head-over-heels in love with someone as flawed as this argument?? Someone you know is just absolutely completely wrong for you?? Someone so bad, they’re fantabulously great!? And someone who doesn’t even exist in real life? Yes? Me too! Deadpool -The most underrated underdog in the history of heroes! ❤

Besides this and the fact that he is hilarious, I don’t really know why I’m so head-over-heels obsessed with this anti-hero. And I guess that’s WHY he is one of the most loved anti-heroes of our time. The gun-toting, chimichanga loving ninja/merc/madman makes his way into people’s hearts by slashing his way through. You can’t NOT like him. He’s absolutely INSANE!

His ever-confusing backstory and his arch-enemy T-ray don’t make it easy for his fans to keep track of who he says he is or thinks he is. After all, the constant regeneration of his brain cells HAS kinda left him off the rocker. I hope they sort that shit out. Till now I don’t know if he really IS Wade Wilson or if thats another fabricated story. His friendship with Cable is the kind of messed-up love/hate relationship you would expect a nutter like Deapool to have and you know you love him for it. His undying loyalty and love for tacos and Ryan Reynolds also endears him to anyone who comes across this mad man in a comic book. Plus why forget the fact that we all love being talked to. Even if it is from a not-entirely-right-in-his-head madman hero. Him wanting to be a good guy just makes me all mushy.

To date my favorite volume of his comics has to be Deadpool vs. The Marvel Universe.

This X-men-wannabe comes across every other interesting comic book hero and wreaks havoc across pages. Go ahead and give it a read. You know you’ll love him! Just give up, there’s no fighting it.

_vscocam_3___deadpool__bobblehead__     _vscocam__deadpool_3____   _vscocam_i__love__deadpool

And while you are at it, check out my totally rad poster of him! I have a tshirt somewhere too that I need to document. Anyways more later.

P.S. I just found out they killed him. Have heart I say, they’ve killed wolverine a few times already too. They’re just trying to boost sales. *I hope*.