Me and my unhealthy obsession with The Merc With The Mouth

Ever been smitten, head-over-heels in love with someone as flawed as this argument?? Someone you know is just absolutely completely wrong for you?? Someone so bad, they’re fantabulously great!? And someone who doesn’t even exist in real life? Yes? Me too! Deadpool -The most underrated underdog in the history of heroes! ❤

Besides this and the fact that he is hilarious, I don’t really know why I’m so head-over-heels obsessed with this anti-hero. And I guess that’s WHY he is one of the most loved anti-heroes of our time. The gun-toting, chimichanga loving ninja/merc/madman makes his way into people’s hearts by slashing his way through. You can’t NOT like him. He’s absolutely INSANE!

His ever-confusing backstory and his arch-enemy T-ray don’t make it easy for his fans to keep track of who he says he is or thinks he is. After all, the constant regeneration of his brain cells HAS kinda left him off the rocker. I hope they sort that shit out. Till now I don’t know if he really IS Wade Wilson or if thats another fabricated story. His friendship with Cable is the kind of messed-up love/hate relationship you would expect a nutter like Deapool to have and you know you love him for it. His undying loyalty and love for tacos and Ryan Reynolds also endears him to anyone who comes across this mad man in a comic book. Plus why forget the fact that we all love being talked to. Even if it is from a not-entirely-right-in-his-head madman hero. Him wanting to be a good guy just makes me all mushy.

To date my favorite volume of his comics has to be Deadpool vs. The Marvel Universe.

This X-men-wannabe comes across every other interesting comic book hero and wreaks havoc across pages. Go ahead and give it a read. You know you’ll love him! Just give up, there’s no fighting it.

_vscocam_3___deadpool__bobblehead__     _vscocam__deadpool_3____   _vscocam_i__love__deadpool

And while you are at it, check out my totally rad poster of him! I have a tshirt somewhere too that I need to document. Anyways more later.

P.S. I just found out they killed him. Have heart I say, they’ve killed wolverine a few times already too. They’re just trying to boost sales. *I hope*.

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