The Martian

I finally got to read this book and trust me when I tell you that I finished reading this book in one night. I literally stayed up all night and finished reading this book and did not sleep or drink or eat until I was done. I didn’t put this book down.

I rarely come across books that are made to make people laugh. Even if there are books out there that are supposed to make them laugh, most just fall flat and seem the farthest thing from funny. This book though, was funny. Downright hilarious if you ask me. Coupled with the fact that it’s science fiction, it’s no wonder it has made it to my list of favorite books 10 pages in.

At first, like most people, I was skeptical of the Goodreads Award it won in 2014 for the Best Science-Fiction of the year. I don’t trust awards. Most people vote for one book because they haven’t read the others. But I saw it in Target one day and decided to buy it anyway and see what all the hooplah was all about. I bought it and left it on my book stand and studied my ass off and slowly got around to finishing Asimov’s Foundation and Earth, the final book in the Foundation series. After I was done with it, I decided to slowly go through this book while I worked on my math. I never got around to doing my math that day.


I was in a daze. The book blew my mind. Just attempting to put away the book for a bit, to work on math sent me into a state of intense cognitive dissonance. I HAD TO FINISH IT THEN AND THERE. It does NOT disappoint. Andy Weir’s debut novel and its the best shit I’ve read..well since Asimov and Clarke. (I just googled him btw, apparently he grew up reading those legends too. Also he is a Sherlock and Doctor Who fan…I’m falling in love with this man!).

I try and pick up science fiction novels these days but all of them are just young-adult wannabe-science-fiction crap and I am starting to hate what science-fiction has turned into. This books is so refreshing. It was pure science and pure fiction. No love stories. No young adults of any kinds for miles. Just science. And science kicketh the butteth of all the young-adult science fiction out there. IN YOUR FACE YOUNG ADULT AUTHORS! There is still decent science-fiction out there! Faith in science-fiction restored!

So go ahead and read this book! I KNOW you will love it. If you read it and you think you don’t like it half as much as I do, you don’t deserve a spot on this planet. Or on any other. You don’t deserve to share the same galaxy as I do. Go. Read. NOW! YES! YOU!

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