Jurassic World!

I grew up watching the first three movies and I’ve waited for a hell of a long time for the new one and guess what?! I loved every minute of it. Oh man the raptors

That woman though. Running around in heels in a jungle!? How did you even survive!? Even if Indominous Rex didn’t kill you, the pain of running in those heels should have!

Secondly, the movie really made me think you know. All these movies which are centered around men being heroes portray the hero as this rugged, motorcycle-loving, earthy macho man. None of these movies seem to have a man who actually looks like a nerd or is portrayed as one. Its all brawn over brain. Honestly. I mean why does the man always have to be this muscular guy who seems so inconspicuous until the shit hits the fan?

Secondly, in real life, a girl like that never even gave a second glance towards Pratt until, well, the calamity as dinosaurs literally wreaked havoc on the island. Why do women only seem to fall for the guy in such high-adrenaline do-or-die situations? Why can’t she develop feelings him earlier? And do you think it’ll last? I mean once the dinosaur situation subsides, he turns back into the loser she saw him as. So do her feelings last or does the heroic image she had of the guy fade? Or does she crave a situation as drastic as the dinosaur one to revive whatever feelings she has towards him? And it’s not just the woman. Even the kids latched onto him. Would they have cared had the situation been normal? Nope. He’d be the regular joe. No one would give a crap unless the dinosaurs were loose and destroying everything and eating everyone. Then everyyyyyone would want to be with him. I feel sorry for men in these movies. They deserve better. They deserve women who care about them BEFORE disaster strikes.

Honestly. It’s so primitive of us. But it’s true. We only look at people when we think they’re going to be useful to us in some way. My thoughts are all over the place right now. Someday I’ll sort them out.

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