Death of my Kindle & A Clockwork Orange.

What the F***!?

My poor kindle has gone to shit this past week. It’s funny how delicate my constitution is these days. The slightest disturbance and it blows up into a mini-crisis in my mind and I start to hyperventilate. I didn’t realize that one piece of my peace-of-mind relied on my kindle being always and forever present in case I ever wanted a quick exit from reality.

The minute the kindle screen froze on the screensaver with these funny lines appearing, all hope in my heart died and I went into a depressive phase that lasted about a couple of hours. Usually a very sunny optimistic, problem-solver sort of a person, I felt like my world was crashing around my ears and there was nothing I could do about it. How was I going to unplug and read the 700+ books I had the option of reading at any point in my life!? My best friend had a stroke. Now what was I supposed to do with my life!? No amount of TV could rehabilitate me. Movies weren’t going to pacify me. No other piece of technology could replace the solace that was my kindle.

For once in my life even Google deserted me. I couldn’t find any quick fixes for my situation. I was really in a fix. Apparently the only way to save it would be to either hard reset it or leave it until you drain all of its battery and then turn it on again or some kid on youtube opened up the back of the kindle and fiddled around with it. Well the first option didn’t work. I did open the back of the kindle and try to fiddle around with it (which I put back EXACTLY the way it was supposed to be). I’m banking on the second option. Unfortunately, I had just charged my kindle so it is going to take forever to die. Anyways, here’s hoping. I’m still moping but then I realized that I had an iPad, that I could transfer all my books into and read -_- of course it is going to kill my eyes but no one can stop me from reading!

Anyways, fingers crossed!

So I was reduced to reading books on my iPad. FIIIIIIINE. As long as I was reading SOMETHING SOMEWHERE I guess it didn’t matter. Amazon is surely going to get a hateful call from me soon though. SOooOOooo anyways. I opened up A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess and dived into it. Thankfully it was a short book and the pace wasn’t too slow. Of course the language “nadsat” that the main characters in his book tend to use went flying over my head and I had no idea what I was reading. It felt like the time I had decided to give Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver a read. Impossible. I was so tempted to abandon it but like with most books that are difficult to digest, I convinced myself to give it one more page of a read. I didn’t regret it.

I can’t imagine what the book would have been like had it been written in regular language. I guess it wouldn’t have been half as much fun if I didn’t have to put in super amounts of effort into figuring out just what the guy was saying. Unfortunately, the glossary was at the end of the book and I had no idea it existed so it took me forever and a whole lot of assumptions on my part to understand the book. I guess the whole confusing lingo of the book was one of the main reasons why this book was so interesting. Told from the point of view from Little Alex, a reader won’t be able to grasp what exactly Alex was doing in some parts of the book but knew that they were missing something important and that lead to frustration of a very satisfying kind. I couldn’t penetrate the book at my whim and fancy. So I loved it.

True, it was truly disturbing and had indecipherably long and detailed descriptions of violent scenes. I know I should now probably go and watch the movie but I’m going to let the book sit in my head for a while before I go and destroy its memory by watching a cheap reproduction.

Honestly, what drew me in and kept me reading the book was the psychological bit of it. The conditioning tactics they use on Alex to “cure” him of violence is something I am very interested in. I think I should go look for some actual research someone must have done into this. It would make for a fascinating read. Can people be brainwashed and/or conditioned into having such a repulsive reaction towards a stimulus? Where even adverse thoughts could bring on a strong physical response? Hmm I wonder.

Anyways. Go read this mind-fuck of a book.

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