Doctor Who Life Lessons – Planet of the Oods

Its been years but I’m rewatching Season 4 of Doctor Who, with possibly my favorite version of the Doctor, Ten, and my favorite companion, Donna. And rewatching it really makes me feel like it’s so much more than just a Tv Show, that it had some real underlying seriousness to it that shows what is wrong with our world. That’s what I always loved about the first 4-5 seasons of Doctor Who. They were more than just stories. They had actual life lessons hidden in them.

Planet of the Ood: I watched this episode yesterday and what I learnt was that us humans are blind. We live in our nice protected and sheltered homes, buying our groceries from the supermarket stores, buying branded clothes from stores, and having a really great impression of the human race when fact is that we are indifferent ignorant assholes who don’t see something that’s right in front of our faces because our lives would be really inconvenient if this cruelty that is slavery is taken out of the picture. The story is about Donna being horrified of how the human race has enslaved the Oods in the future and made them into lobotomized servants. And the Doctor reacts by saying “that’s what humans always do” to which Donna protests and he proceeds to say “Who do you think made your clothes?”.

“Who do you think made your clothes?”

Have we ever thought about that? Have we ever stopped to consider that a billion people are just sitting around in factories all day working non-stop, stitching those clothes for you to wear? And not being paid to justify the effort that goes into making every stitch. And going hungry anyway because they can’t make ends meet, are forced to starve and can’t afford to get their kids into school because that would mean that someday the factory people’s kids would someday give our elitist entitled kids competition because they are more capable and know the meaning of hard work. Most of our world is already enslaved to the other half that can afford to buy branded clothes. And we truly do have such a great impression of ourselves and believe all the bull shit that is fed to us.

All of this because without these people slaving away, our lives would be so inconvenient. Would we be willing to give up our branded clothes if the ugly face of slavery reared its head in public? Fact is we like our beautifully packaged end products and would never give up on our life on convenience just because someone in some part of the world is breaking his back to make your life a little easier. We choose to remain ignorant or indifferent rather. Honestly, we could all use a little more inconvenience in our lives but that’s just never going to be the popular opinion. Nothing that really matters will ever be popular opinion. Not world hunger or slavery or global warming. Because that would mean giving up some of the conveniences in our lives. Nope. Not gonna happen. Let’s just continue to love our misguided blinded lives.

More on these two and other episodes later!

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