Brain goes up in smoke

Sometimes I feel like I can practically see the smoke emanating from between my ears. Ever use your brain so hard, it feels like its either going to burn out or have a melt down? That’s what college is like. And trust me I know, because this is my second degree. I don’t remember things being so very difficult. Everyday, as the semester progresses, I feel overwhelmed to the point where I am ready to give up. I don’t know what drives me to keep going on though. This thing inside me that tells me that if I can break the problem into small enough pieces, I should be able to handle things. Well. I’m not going to GIVE UP. And no one can MAKE ME. I’m stronger than everything out there. And I definitely have something to prove to myself and the rest of the world.

And honestly, most of the time handling things this way works out pretty well for me. Until the next class, when more work is piled on our heads and stress levels shoot through the roof again. What I hate though, is when I feel too stupid to do something. Things incrementally get harder here of course.

I think its all a good thing though. My brain is getting the exercising of its life. I always believed my brain is like a sponge; well now it is going to be tested to its limits. Let’s see how much my brain can truly hold.

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