The Flight Of The Silvers

Argggggh! If you’ve been reading my blog, you would by now know that I HATE TRILOGIES. And not just any trilogy. I hate trilogies that are not stand-alone books. Like this one! I hate it! The entire book reads like a prologue to a juicy story that is obviously not going to be a part of this book, but of another book, which is two books away from this one. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT!!?? I don’t need such a long drawn-out epic. You are not creating literature, NO! You are writing a young/adult supposed fantasy/science-fiction that you’re hoping will catch on like a house on fire! This is not the next Hunger Games series (one of the few young adult sci-fi/fantasy books I could actually tolerate) and it is definitely not the next Harry Potter.

These books need a warning to come with them. People should not be allowed to package their books into something they’re not – books for adults.

Suffice to say, this book was not meant to be read and appreciated by someone like me. I skipped pages and eventually skipped whole chapters. In the end I just read the last chapter just to fool myself into thinking that I actually read the book. I came down to a level where I had to deceive myself into thinking I actually finished it. No book should put someone through that. I shouldn’t have had to do that to a book.

It was awful. I didn’t take anything from this book, except for the fact that big boobs always gets some hot hero person and that it’s supposedly ok to be slutty if you can’t deal with things the way other people do. I don’t know what morals books these days are handing over to the next generation. These authors don’t understand that these books are the ones that form a person’s mind; their personality. What these people write will be taken to heart and directly be transferred into young minds. Books are the USB 3.0 of our minds. This is how you get information into our brains. You can’t be putting shitty trashy morals like this into people’s minds. People unconsciously adopt the morals and ethics they learn from either by watching other adults, or by their books. If you’re showing the younger generation that its ok to have such trashy morals, what do you think they will take from this?

To take nothing will be the best. However, younger minds haven’t yet formed a filter to filter out the crap these books stick in there just so that they become a sensation. Make it saucy enough for more and more people to want to read it, but give 0 effort towards the story and actual character building. Nope, just pick up some stereotypical characters and stick them between the pages. It’s a shame really. We need authors with more mettle and who aren’t just looking for the money they can mint by becoming an overnight sensation.

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