Colored knowledge

Every piece of knowledge is colored by the author or the giver of that knowledge. No book, no conversation comes without this coloring or opinion. It is helpful yes indeed it is. It helps us categorize our knowledge so that we are better able to remember.

There is no such thing as a fact of life. No schemata without color. No unprejudiced or bias-free piece of information. It does not exist.

Every piece of information is tainted. Nothing we read or see is pure. It is colored within us as well as by the way that we got that information. And we are not done with this information, no. We don’t just passively take in information, no. We manipulate it ourselves. We do this even before we take it in and internalize it. We change it to fit our current beliefs or twist or turn or bend or exaggerate. And we transform it when we are passing it along. The information we take in is as affected by us as we are affected by it.

But if we didn’t take in these colors, would we ever be able to make a decision or form an opinion? Or is it just wishful thinking? I doubt we would be able to make snap-decisions. Our decisions would be prolonged and postponed as we separated each piece of information from its color and judged it. How taxing would that be?

So what to do? This is why you should be well read and well informed. Not just to believe information coming from a tap but from a river or stream. Read everything no matter how colored or biased so that in the end you are better able to judge the information based on your own intelligence so that all those colors that come with one piece of information blend to leave no color. A lot like white light.

And that is the difference between ignorance and cognizance. And this is why a formal education is also important. When we read conflicting colored pieces of information, we realize the limitations of our mind. It reveals to us that we have not only taken in the information, but also the color or bias or prejudice it brought along with it. It is why words are so powerful.

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