There’s something about snow

It’s true. I was listening to this song about snowfall on the radio and I told myself that I would remember the words and the tune. I’m an idiot.

I do, however, remember the feeling it left me with. Profoundness. There is something about snow that makes me feel so alone. The quiet, the calm is almost unnatural. However, it is a happy kind of loneliness. I don’t want to seek the company of others. It makes me want to be by myself. A lot like the patter of raindrops on your window can make you feel. What is the word for it? Something like Chrysalism but for snow.

There’s something so pure about it. Like you want to be out there in the silence but alone. Or holding hands with someone very dear to you. And that you can sit there and watch the snowfall forever.

I like being outside when it snows. Just sit around and watch. Everything looks so much better covered in snow anyway.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The spirit of Christmas is something I have always felt and wanted to be a part of. The joy and wonder and cheery happy contentment it brings with it is indisputably the best feeling in the world. All I can ever ask for is that everyday be filled with the same happiness that Christmas brings with it. And this year was the first Christmas I got to actually celebrate. It was the complete package deal too! Christmas evening going to service, sleep-over at my sister’s in-laws and then attacking the Christmas tree for the presents!

2015-12-24 10.49.03 1.jpg The best thing about it though was the tree. Always the tree. Laden with ornaments and fairy lights. All the stockings hanging over the fireplace. Cookies being baked to be frosted and decorated and left out for Santa. All the presents being slowly added under the tree.

And to all these festivities, the snow outside adds a quiet calm. A feeling of safety within the walls of our home.

And the holiday music I could listen to forever. Oh, how I love holiday music being played in the background as you sit in your comfortable armchair with a coffee mug in your hands as you transfer some love to the dogs by scratching their ears.

2015-12-27 08.04.16 1.jpg

There’s nothing quite like it. Wearing your fuzzy socks at home, wearing your fuzzy animal hat and mittens. Nice and cozy and toasty. I wish this time never goes away. I don’t want this feeling to go away. Even though Christmas is gone, I play the music all day in the house, annoying the crap out of my roommate but I just can’t help myself.

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