I’ll be honest with you. This book was so smart, I have a feeling it rang circles around me and I missed a lot of its genius. This book I’m going to have to read at least twice to extract every chunk of its awesomeness.

This book was brilliant. It was a lesson in neuro-psychology and I could definitely see so much of the information being pulled from cognitive psychology and books like The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat. It talked about a lot of the strange unexplained neurological and psychological disorders that we can’t imagine but that exist in real life. This is what real hard science-fiction is and this is what I was looking for after going through a bunch of shitty Young Adult pseudo-science-fiction novels.

It was refreshing. Intelligent and full of mind-numbing information; it’s the type of book that will force you to improve your mind and do your own research and learn something. It had me googling, sticking my nose back into my Cognitive Psychology text book, constantly looking stuff up on Wikipedia. I loved every minute of it. Another thing about this book that I loved was that it made no excuses. It assumed its audience was smart enough to get everything it was talking about and didn’t stop to explain anything. Honestly, when you live in a world in the future, no one is going to stop and explain to you what new technology is. You’re supposed to know it right? It was a great experience. It didn’t explain or wait for anything or anyone. It just whizzed through and expected you to learn and pick up all the tidbits of information it dropped in its wake.

This book dares to make you look at things from a different perspective. Forces you to step out of the comfortable bubble most of us live in and the assumptions we make when we think of “aliens”, it makes you imagine what real alien life will actually be like (something so different we can’t easily even fathom it). Unimaginably indescribable but worth an attempt. Carbon-based? Could be. Breathe oxygen? How bout no? Something so alien, it truly deserves the word. Most people imagine aliens to be in our own image. But, what if they’re not? I sometimes wonder. We are limited by our senses. We only see what we are capable of seeing. What if the world is truly and completely different from what we perceive? What if the way we see things is only limited because of our senses? What if aliens were living on our planet with us, but we couldn’t even sense them because they were so different?

I would recommend it to anyone looking to take a breather from books being churned out in the name of science-fiction but are nothing more than young-adult romance. Honestly, those books are useless. Read this one. Its worth every minute.

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