The Fold – Peter Clines

This could have been a 5 star book. Had the author stopped at about 60% of the book and just put the pen down. The last 40% of the book was entirely unnecessary drama that a sci-fi of this kind did not need. Ending the book earlier would have saved this book from being..just another wanna-be-famous book. Some authors need to stop trying to fit in plots and storylines in books that are not absolutely needed in the hopes that it will sell more. Stick to one thing and make it awesome!
It was a good book initially. Smartest man on the planet working in a high-school teaching English Lit (wish my Prof was like this protagonist; mine just seem like they’re bumbling idiots)

This is my pet-peeve and I know I rant about this all the time but it is the single most annoying thing in the world for me. Others might not agree but authors really need to learn NOT to stick a love storyline/aliens (ok it’s sci-fi so I’ll forgive the want to stick aliens in it…but books having characters that find their one true love in the middle of a crisis really is starting to piss me off) specially when there is already so much interesting stuff going on in the book already. This isn’t some 1980’s sci-fi. Step into the 21st century people. Not all of us need to find love in situations such as this. Do it later. After the story ends. After the book ends. Do it in your head and don’t let anyone see it. It doesn’t add depth to your character. It cheapens them. All the loose ends could have been tied into a nice loose end, rather than introducing a warring alien species into the mix too.

This really could have been a book deserving 5 stars. The last 40% ruined it. If you are the sort of person who can abandon books, read till you hit 60-70% and then leave it. Keep the memory of this being a great book alive in your mind rather than the mediocre one it becomes soon after crossing that threshold.

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