Live a small life; a quiet life

Living in a small town might not make you feel like you’re a part of something big, like you do when you’re living in the big city; but it definitely allows you to feel the peace of living a quite insignificant life with the quiet you wish you had when you are living in a big city.

And we are insignificant. We are so small.  This world is so big, we can’t even comprehend the largeness of it all. And because of this, we reduce our realities to our proximity; a bubble around our head and we live out our lives inside.

It’s funny how when we are living in the city, all we can think and dream about is to get away. Go to a place away from all the rest of humanity and just live our days in the silence. A place where we can finally see the stars. A place where the silence and quiet stills our chaotic minds and leaves behind a peace. A place where we can retreat to to mend our souls and our wounds.

On the flip side, however, when what we wish for comes true, oh what we wouldn’t give to go back to the city of lights where we lived our days in the comfort of a billion people living their lives around us. Every single one of us wants a big life. We want to be noticed. We want people to know we exist and feel like our lives are not a waste.

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