You – Caroline Kepnes

This was one creepy messed up book but it was totally in keeping with the new-age twisted storytelling techniques that today’s authors are employing to shake things up and make them interesting. This book was from the point of view of a stalker and how he went about life obsessed with one seemingly normal girl. It was fascinating and I think this study in the mind of someone off-the-rocker was pretty apt. Specially since, in all honesty, we all have the tendencies to be kind of mental, and are all prone to stalking and sometimes manipulating and needling our way into the lives of those we think we love. We all have the tendency to construct these fantasies in our mind around our world that are just blatant lies but somehow we convince ourselves that they are true. Or maybe that is just me…

Back on topic: the book was creepy. The antagonist was fascinating and the object of his interest was annoying enough to make a person root for the stalker. If that was the feeling the author was trying to evoke: job well done Miss. It was a little long-winded and I found myself getting mightily annoyed at the whole situation (and in all honesty I wanted the woman he was stalking dead already) and was getting really mad at how the stalker was so blind as to the flaws of this woman he was stalking. Kind of how I feel when my friends are usually the ones making the same stupid and very real life-changing decisions. By the end of it all, I was starting to think of the stalker as a long-lost friend; reminiscent of a very real friend I have had for a while now. Overall the book was a job well-done, even if it drag for a tad longer than I would have liked.

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