Me Before You

The problem with Goodreads is that no where on the website will it tell you the genre a book belongs to, like specifically. So that I can take one glance at the genre and reject the book outright. Hence, I got duped into believing the super-high rating this book had  was because the book had some substance and I picked it up at Target (an impulse-buy that I allow myself at least once a month). It should suffice to say that I HATE romance novels. They’re everything I believe to be wrong with the women in our world. They fill our heads with unrealistic expectations of the men in our world and make us feel like nothing is good enough. Instead of teaching women to become the “man” they have been waiting for, they teach us that we need to rely on someone else to take care of us. That we need someone else to push us into being amazing. Why is it that these books never have a supportive family that is pushing you into pursuing your dreams. Why are families always shown as the people who hold you back? What bullshit is this? Where is the reality?

Feminists should boycott these books.

Rich damaged man, poor foolish woman. Meet. Fall in love. Insert conflict. End with tragedy. I hate these formula books and this book was one of those to the core. It started off decently enough but about halfway through it I could have told you exactly how the story was going to progress. It was worse than most of the cliched books out there. If you are into that sort of things, great. If not, avoid this book like the plague. It was an utter disappointment. My fault entirely, because I quit reading soppy crap like this a long time because I thought they were playing on my emotions to bring me down and making me feel weak and I didn’t need anymore of that in my life than I already had. No body needs books that leave them feeling like crap and wishing they had someone else’s life. No one deserves that. Books should be uplifting and inspiring. This was just another version of Twilight grounded in a world that looked a shade similar to ours.

2 thoughts on “Me Before You

  1. THANKYOU!! like seriously.. thank you.. I have seen people worship versions of ‘the formula’ in stuff like this. people plan their Eid with this movie coz they loved the book, and I kinda wanna puke at that… so I can’t possibly tell you how delighted I am to see THIS!

    • Uxey says:

      Haha no problem. Books like these are the problem with today’s society and women. I’m a woman and honestly if I read crap like this, I would find myself becoming a different person and that is not necessarily a good thing.

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