Ancillary Justice

“If you’re going to do something that crazy, save it for when it’ll make a difference,”

Excerpt From: Ann Leckie. “Ancillary Justice.”

This book is one that can only be classified as an epic Sci-Fi. It felt like it was setting up for a long haul and that you should probably stick around for the next few books. It was different enough to be interesting. It was about how spaceships were controlled by omnipotent and omniscient Artificial Intelligence. It is about politics and revolution in a science fiction setting.

It is about an Artificial Intelligence being betrayed by a dictator who in itself is another Artificial Intelligence. It’s a game of cat-and-mouse that is being played over aeons by two splinters of the AI dictator and the AI which is the protagonist of the book is used as a pawn and it takes it upon itself to make the fact that the dictator is split known to the world. Admittedly, there was a certain dept to the book and I think, for me personally, it will require a re-read sometime during the future. Since the concept was new and the avenues explored were quite unique, the book was a little difficult to digest at first and needs a little more concentration and deliberation.

Overall, it was an interesting read. I thought it could have been made more interesting. The switching from flashback to the present and vice-versa was kind of too quick and abrupt and left me kind of reeling from what felt like whiplash. I realized it was setting up for a trilogy or a saga so I guess I will have to read the rest of the books to figure out the gaping loop-holes that it left in the narrative.

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