Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Thank God for roomates! My roomate got this when she went home to Malaysia and one of her aunts gave her “The Cursed Child” as a present. Not a fan herself, she brought the book back untouched and unread, and handed it to me. I wanted to read the book but there was no way I was going to shell out over-$20 bucks for a book I wasn’t sure I was going to like, with so many conflicting reviews floating around.

I understand that this review is practically useless since I am sure a million people have already read the script by now. However, I am incredibly opinionated and so here it is anyway.

This script was no doubt different. I could still tell that J.K. Rowling had her hand in the creation of this play. The overall plot, the storyline, some of the personality traits resonated of her mind being behind this. The humor felt foreign but it was refreshing. I’m assuming that it was so because this was eventually going to be made into a play, which needs a little more in the way of comedy, since special effects aren’t the cornerstone here. Since we can’t have seemingly real dragons etc on stage, there needs to be one of the classic tricks that can keep a story glued together.

What I liked about the book was the what-if’s that it answered. What if Harry had been sorted into Slytherin? Ok, maybe not Harry. Maybe his kid. The personification of the goodness of Harry is Albus Severus Potter, who values friendship above all else, even if it is with the son of Harry’s sworn enemy, Draco. Befriending Scorpius, is the linchpin of the whole play, which reflects back what held together the original Harry Potter stories: Harry’s friendship with Ron, even though the seemingly, more-powerful Draco wanted Harry’s friendship. Harry rejected Draco’s friendship for Ron. Albus rejected Rose’s friendship over Scorpius’.

And that was a central theme for the script. It’s like the script-writers all sat together and asked themselves, “what-if alllll the particular points that made Harry Potter what is is, didn’t happen? What if Ron and Hermione didn’t get married? Ok, let’s add that to the list. What if Cedric lived? What if Neville died? And then there was Snape. Oh God, he always makes me cry. I love Snape.

It was an interesting read. Laid out in play format with dialogues going back and forth, it was different but you could compare it to reading Shakespeare. Yes, since it wasn’t in prose, a lot of the atmosphere is left to the imagination of the reader. Which is fine. You can copy paste all that from the previous book’s enviornment in your head to the current one. Read this book. For the love of Harry Potter.

I will only say this: *spoiler alert so look away* I only wished they’d dealt with my favorite what-if:

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Reading code is the most engaging activity I have ever taken part in. I love it. I love that my love for reading isn’t just limited to English and that unusual syntax isn’t something my brain considers an obstacle. Walking through code, line-by-line, and tracing it so that it reveals what it is meant to do is the most exhilarating experience. Everyone should be able to read code. It is like a flower that slowly blooms over time. Only, you experience it in the form of a time-lapse video that your mind controls by understanding.

Coding is 90% organization and planning; 9% creativity and 1% syntax and I love every minute of it.

My brain is a problem-solving machine and if everyone in the world could see everything in our life as a sequence of problems we are meant to solve, our lives would be so much easier. Except for the part where we actually have to deal with other people. That cannot be problem solved. Feelings and emotions are a pain in the ass and they cannot be quantified or problem solved. They are completely illogical and should have no place on earth.

My mind is hungry for problems. It is craving for the chance to flex and stretch and spread. It needs to collect the context in which most problems reside and so I rely on books. Besides that though, it just needs puzzles to solve. And the. The rush you get as soon as you solve a problem and get your code to work just the way you want it to, ahhhhh because you knew it was going to work, because you could feel it in your bones! That is the rush of dopamine I crave.

Caffeine buzz

I realize now why people love coffee to the point where they become addicts. It’s not just the life-style that they are addicted to. It is definitely because of the rush of happiness it gives you, the rush of adrenaline, the rush of serotonin. Or just the rush of plain old excitement; a feeling that you can achieve anything once you take the first sip of warm goodness.

It makes me feel like I am all set to take over the world and still have some energy leftover. The life-style, of course, helps. Sitting by a window with a cup of coffee in your hands, cozy in your favorite over-sized sweater, with your favorite book in your lap; ummm imagine that warm and fuzzy feeling. I’m feeling sleepy just thinking about it. I want to curl up on my couch with a book or sit at a desk by a window with my computer and my paper coffee cup by my side, warm to the touch.

Of course, along with the memory of this feeling comes the feeling of contentment, of no-stress, which is not the case in my life right now. I can’t curl up on my couch or in a corner with a cup of coffee and my favorite book because I have too much to study. And that’s where this drink comes in for me.

And it’s really not even the caffeine hit that does wonders for me. It’s me fooling myself into thinking that my drink is going to make a difference to my mindset because my drink usually consists of 80% hot chocolate and 20% mocha. The total amount of coffee present in my drink amounts to less than 10%, I guess. It’s just the idea in my mind that this will give me the emotional boost, the motivation to finish my work or to look forward to it. It is the idea of a beginning, of a start of a day with coffee. Psychological pick-me-up rather than actual chemicals doing all the work.

Oh, how marketing works in favor of these coffee chains. Giving us the impression that it’s cool to have a kick in your butt so early in the day because all the hipsters are doing it.