Reading code is the most engaging activity I have ever taken part in. I love it. I love that my love for reading isn’t just limited to English and that unusual syntax isn’t something my brain considers an obstacle. Walking through code, line-by-line, and tracing it so that it reveals what it is meant to do is the most exhilarating experience. Everyone should be able to read code. It is like a flower that slowly blooms over time. Only, you experience it in the form of a time-lapse video that your mind controls by understanding.

Coding is 90% organization and planning; 9% creativity and 1% syntax and I love every minute of it.

My brain is a problem-solving machine and if everyone in the world could see everything in our life as a sequence of problems we are meant to solve, our lives would be so much easier. Except for the part where we actually have to deal with other people. That cannot be problem solved. Feelings and emotions are a pain in the ass and they cannot be quantified or problem solved. They are completely illogical and should have no place on earth.

My mind is hungry for problems. It is craving for the chance to flex and stretch and spread. It needs to collect the context in which most problems reside and so I rely on books. Besides that though, it just needs puzzles to solve. And the. The rush you get as soon as you solve a problem and get your code to work just the way you want it to, ahhhhh because you knew it was going to work, because you could feel it in your bones! That is the rush of dopamine I crave.

One thought on “Coding

  1. Love how u describe getting to feel ‘the code’ … To me it is as if machines work like planets orbit stuff nd being able to alter code is like being able to alter their processing orbits!

    However, ur view on emotions .. look at this:

    I’d say, emotions r a beautiful problem.. nd jordi here says u can’t exist without them.. nd wht if i told u this post wudn’t hav existed without ur newfound ‘love’ for code.. or that u wudn’t have enjoyed a single page of a single book .. or that u wudn’t have cared abt traffic crossing the road(fear) or thought abt avoiding borderline rotten food (disgust).. i wudn’t have felt weird giving these examples rn.. (stupidity)

    point is, even if emotions can’s b quantified, it does not mean they can’t b perceived at all.

    Also, if u think php is fun, try python. u’ll thank me.. like REALLY thank me.. esp after java.

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