Passenger to Frankfurt

This book was a total disaster. Which is surprising, since this is an Agatha Christie. I guess it was one of the few that bombed but it was so far from what you would expect.

Obviously, she was out of her depth when she wrote this. It was meant to be a sattrical spy thriller. Unfortunately, it was just a bore. The cover may be beautiful, but the contents were far from it. So much so that as soon as I closed the book (and I remember I was on the verge of abandoning it), I promptly forgot everything about it. I don’t even remember the characters, the plot, or anything else about it.

I guess I am writing this review so that somewhere down the line, when I feel like re-reading some books or reading Agatha Christie and come upon this book, I remember I wrote this review and decide against re-reading it.

A TARDIS bookshelf!!?? Really!? I need this!

So I’m a geek. Honest to God. Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Science and fiction, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. You name it; I’ve read it AND watched it. I’m a movie junkie as much as I’m a book junkie.

But out of allllll of these books/shows/movies Doctor Who is veerrrrry close to my heart and therefore I WANT THIS TARDIS BOOKSHELF!!

Also, for any other geek who is totally into geek merchandise, here’s a really awesome website:

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